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From the Pasadena Weekly…

Posted By carmelite sisters on Mar 25, 2014 | 0 comments


Excerpt from “Sounds of the Spirit” from the Pasadena Weekly

By: Carl Kozlowski


The Carmelite Sisters came to the United States in 1927 as exiled refugees from the religious persecution raging in their native Mexico. From the original three Sisters, the community has grown to almost 150 Sisters serving in health care, education and spiritual retreats from California to Florida. Together they have built their reputation for being some of the best teachers and nurses in the San Gabriel Valley.


About 17 years ago, the sisters burst forth in song and recorded CDs of praise and worship, music ranging in style from traditional chants to contemporary-sounding tunes. Their latest, “Lean Into the Wind,” is being released on Tuesday and, according to Sister Timothy Marie, the community’s media outreach leader, the CD is in perfect tune with the times in which we live.


“This is our seventh recording, and seven is a mystical number, so it’s bound to be a hit!” laughs the sister, who notes that all CD proceeds raise money for the nuns’ numerous community programs. “And we have noticed that within the past several years, the women joining us can sing. Not only can they sing, but they can play instruments. And not only play instruments, but write music. There’s a parable in the Bible in which God talks about people not using their talents, so we wanted to use our gift to the service of the people, making a spiritual difference.“


Read the rest of the article about the Carmelite’s CD, Lean into the Wind, here… 


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