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Posted By carmelite sisters on Mar 1, 2014 | 0 comments

The inspiration behind the song…

We love collaborating in the convent.  Collaboration builds communio  (latin for communion)  with everyone’s different gifts being put at the service of one goal.  Some have the gift of writing, some have the gift of song, others have the gift of organizing.  All are necessary, and all need to blend together in harmony, with “give and take,” to create projects like this CD.

This song is a perfect example of God using each one’s unique contribution to create something beautiful.  A postulant wrote “Ready” as a poem in honor of a novice’s first profession of vows.  Another Sister took the poem and wrote music for it.  A third Sister found the prayer of St. Anselm and we weaved in his beautiful words.  And here is the song for our CD!

“Ready” has a “cat and mouse” feel to it… and don’t we often experience this in our relationship with the Lord?  We seek him, and He’s there before us with His “eyes so beautiful.” We seek to rest in His gaze only to blink and find Him gone again.  What remains is His fragrance and a promise that He is calling us to seek Him in another way, around another corner, through another circumstance.

Ready, I’m ready.



Ready – Preview

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