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Posted By carmelite sisters on Mar 1, 2014 | 5 comments

What are your thoughts, reflections, and insights about our new CD, Lean Into the Wind?

We would love to hear from you…


  1. Thank you for teasing and tantalizing us with a snippet of the music. I hope we get a new snippet every day until the CD arrives. Thank you for the beautiful explanation and meditation about Song 14, Rejoice in His Love. I can’t wait to hear and sing along with you the Bless our Priests song. You are awesome!!!

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  2. So professionaly recorded and the performance is excellent. The piece I heard reminded so much in some ways of the Carpenters who were so succesful in the 1970s before poor Karen’s passing at a very early age. Beautiful Sisters, just beautiful.

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  3. I can hardly wait to hear the CD! from Ruth

    I have had such a blast showing off your talents to so many! Many Blessings on your CD. May it bring showers of Grace on all who listen!!


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  4. The Sisters sound so beautiful. just like I knew they would. I can’t wait to hear more of their beautiful and inspiring songs.

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  5. Apologies – This is the corrected version – post coffee

    Some the songs are almost modern rock… o.O

    Cool ! I will enjoy listening and sharing all this great music, and while doing so, exploding any sad or solemn ideas about Sisters through the authentic joy and love that comes through in every song.

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