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A Special Thank you to Studio City Sound!

Posted By carmelite sisters on Mar 3, 2014 | 0 comments

About Studio city

Studio City Sound is a full service recording studio, owned and operated by Grammy award winning mixer Tom Weir. It is located at the former Fidelity Studios, which hosted legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, The Ramones, Joan Jett, and the Steve Miller Band. SCS has three fully equipped studios, with a spacious tracking room, iso rooms, and a world class blend of state of the art and vintage gear. Our dedicated staff of engineers offers recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, ISDN, transfers, mobile recording, live sound, video production, and even small scale cd-manufacturing with print.

The Carmelite Sisters would like to whole-heartedly thank Tom Weir, and all at Studio City Sound for their labor of love. Tom Weir has been assisting the Sisters for almost 20 years in the recording and production of their six CDs. He also donates his services in providing phenomenal sound for events hosted by the sisters. Musicians, bands, organizations regularly call on Tom for sound assistance as his presence ensures top sound quality. Thus, he was officially dubbed the “Patron Saint of Sound”, by his Carmelite friends. God reward you, Tom Weir!

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