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With their rich harmonies, the Carmelite Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Los Angeles lift our hearts to prayer and praise. Their songs are an inspiration to me, and I hope to all of us, to give thanks for the beauty of creation and for all God’s blessings in our lives. May we join our voices with theirs and renew our desire to share God’s mercy and love with our neighbors and build his Kingdom, until this world is filled with God’s glory.

Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

“Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between creativity and divinity. Some might say that the creative spirit is divine while others possibly that it is the intercession of the divine that triggers creativity. In my view, however, sometimes they merge and become one thing. One whole that is both creative and divine. For me, that is what I think this CD is about. There is so much inspirational spirit and warmth of heart that comes from this lovely collection of songs. I am so honored to be even a tiny part of this effort. Enjoy the tracks, I know you will all love them.”

Phil Schuman, Co-Founder, Co-President, High View Media

“The Carmelites are real, authentic in all of their relationships, all of their works. Their authenticity finds expression in this music, it is what gives it its power and beauty, and it is what will call to the hearts of those who hear it. I for one, have a new favorite CD.”

Lynn Carrillo, Vice President, NBC

“To listen is to be drawn to a place of inner quiet and peace that can only be found in the heart of God himself. The sister’s music (like everything they do) takes you there, because it’s where their hearts live!”

Chris Stefanick, President, Real Life Catholic

Los Angeles based composer Jeffrey Bernstein (pictured below) confesses that he had “tears streaming down” his face as he listened to the CD for the first time. “This is evocative music, heartfelt and moving and beautifully sung. The sisters have created this deeply spiritual music for a beautiful and noble purpose, and I have no doubt it will inspire and bring grace to many.”

Jeffrey Bernstein, Artistic Director of the Pasadena Master Chorale

John Sutton agrees wholeheartedly. ”I love it! These nuns will surprise you with their heart-filled voices and electric guitars that give the whole piece an edge that is unexpected and fantastic. A great blending of voice and spirit!”

Jeff Sutton, Conductor/Artistic Director, Angeles Chorale

“There is something disarmingly real and simple about this music. I feel like I can see the sister’s faces as they’re singing, and that they’re singing directly to me. Or better yet, its as if God is speaking to me.”

Pat Lencioni, President, Table Group

As a publicist, I work with a number of respected choral groups…but I know my clients will forgive me when I confess that my favorite choir is the Carmelites. From the beginning, whenever I have heard them sing, I have felt as though I were receiving a sneak peek of what Heaven’s choir of angels must sound like. I used to say I find God through Mozart. Now I say I find God through the Carmelites. I know Mozart will understand.

Jenine Baines, Music Publicist, Writer and Proud Founder of the blog, Michael, Who Knew? Thoughts in the Key of Q

“The Carmelite Sisters music is a homily in song, forming our brain but more importantly inspiring our heart and soul thru the passion of their angelic voices which emulate holiness to which we can all aspire. Please listen to this music while in prayer, adoration, relaxation at time of joy and sadness, in sickness or health and share this gift with your friends and family. God will bless you and them.”

Tim Busch, Founder of Napa Institute

“St. Augustine said that Singing belongs to the one who loves. I have no doubt that you will hear the love expressed in the sweet voices of the Carmelites of the Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.”

Dan Burke, President, Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation and Executive Director of the National Catholic Register.

“I always tell people that the Carmelite Sisters are the most joy-filled, happy people I have ever met. Listen to this record, and you will experience that joy firsthand. In the words of my four-year old, “the Sisters singing makes me happy and wiggly!” Who doesn’t want to feel happy and wiggly these days?”

Lindsay McGregor, Development Director, Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

“To hear the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles sing is a singularly moving experience. I didn’t think it was possible to capture the joy, positivity, beauty, and grace of the Sisters’ vocals into a recording, but they have, and the result is transcendent.”

Kira Neal, Advancement Specialist, Smithsonian Institution

“Modern sound, age-old comfort, beautiful voices in unison, lyrics that vitalize the soul–these sisters speak to me!”

Paul Lee, Program Manager, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley

“With beautiful, soft melodies and the sisters’ uplifted voices, this music powerfully stirs the heart… in the lyrics we hear a call to conversion, to draw near to our God, heart to heart. Listening to these tracks in place of all the music and noise of the world will strengthen the soul to swim against the tide, to listen to God’s loving call.”

Nicolas and Christina Yang, Students at Chapman University and Art Center College of Design

“There are few things in life that have the positive, moving, transformational power of music. The power to soothe us in our grief, give us strength during difficult times, and bring joy to our hearts. Listening to the Sister’s beautiful, inspiring voices in this remarkable collection achieves just that and more. Their commitment to God, to love, and their unshakable belief in the inherent goodness of all, one cannot help but feel moved, deeply touched, and inspired by these beautiful and spiritually uplifting performances.”

Lisa Stevens, Regional Marketing, Small Business & Pacific Midwest Bank Executive, Wells Fargo

“The Sisters’ overflowing joy and love for Our Lord radiates through their music – it is simply undeniable! We are all truly blessed to share in this great work, and as the sister of one of the Sisters working on this album, I ardently encourage you to support the Carmelites as they continue to reflect God’s Light to the world!”

Kimberly Heinemann, D.D.S., Family Practice Dentist in Dell Rapids, South Dakota

“When I listen to the Sisters’ music, a peaceful, serene feeling overtakes me, and I am filled with a joy and thankfulness for all of the wonders in my life. The worries that often consume me are washed away, even if just briefly, and I am present in the moment. The beauty of the Sister’s voices and the powerful message of their words awaken my spirituality.”

Pam Abbott

“The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles have blessed us again with a wonderful compilation of songs honoring God and shining His loving light. The Sisters musically capture His joy, kindness and care in a way that brings one close to our Lord and Savior. I am certain their foundress Blessed Mother Luisita smiles broadly upon the Sisters from her holy perch in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Hon. Timothy Jeffries, KM, Chairman, ChemResearch Company

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